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Texas Best Smoke House Restaurant

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Texas Best Smoke House Restaurant Empty Texas Best Smoke House Restaurant

Post  Barbara001 on Thu May 26, 2011 5:13 pm

Texas Best Smoke House restaurant is located at Midlothian, TX, which is owned by Ali Sharaf Texas. It is a unique food stop that is quickly becoming the place for authentic beef jerky and Texas cuisine. Delicious home style favorites including smoked BBQ ribs, beef jerky, smoked steak, gourmet foods and other local dishes are served at Ali Sharaf’s smokehouse restaurant.
They are not just a barbecue smokehouse restaurant. They have a wide range of food items which are sure to taste everyone’s taste. Fresh cuisine choices that range from fried chicken to sea food are provided by the Texas Smokehouse restaurant staff.
The signature smokehouse restaurant dish is beef jerky. They are a casual smokehouse restaurant so one can either pop in for a quick authentic smokehouse restaurant meal or take it with them on road. They are a popular stop for road travelers who prefer a down home smokehouse restaurant meal on the go. Every location of the restaurant is unique and personalized in its own way. The unique facilities of the restaurant are barbecue, jerky, smoked meats, and cheeses and also its private brand of candies, jams, nuts, wine and energy drinks.
ali sharaf has associations with 13 different food franchises like Sonic, Krystal, Denny’s, KFC, Church’s and Subway. He is also the CEO and President of Victron Energy Inc, which distributes fuel to ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron, Texaco, Conoco, Valero and other unbranded fuels. Victron Energy boasts of three hundred million gallons in annual sales and is still growing with new construction and acquisition of properties.


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