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my new brand house

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my new brand house Empty my new brand house

Post  poodle1king on Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:09 pm

I just moved in the new house and I am very delighted as I have a nice & beautiful gate in my house.
As a consumer, I really satisfied with the service & design of this company..I am a picky person...I really feel bored with all the gate design from outside.
Finally I realize my favour design..The price is consider affordable as the design really perfect..What can I say is Im willing to pay this.
The company help me to post my house gate in their facebook...have a look k n give some comment..
this is my house at bandar bukit puchong ..i have another house at bandar puteri,.should i change the gate & grilles as well?
How u guys think the gate?if nice den i might consider change again

my new brand house Photo.php?fbid=10150184795989722&set=a.10150184795894722.319332


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