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Home tuition in Bungor Precinct, Bandar Botanik

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Home tuition in Bungor Precinct, Bandar Botanik Empty Home tuition in Bungor Precinct, Bandar Botanik

Post  arenestar on Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:05 pm

I am very motivated in teaching and will use unconventional method to teach by stimulating thinking rather than memorizing. What sets me apart from others? I stimulate students to think to derive the answer by throwing questions for them to ponder and lead them to the answer rather than just pouring facts to them. I noticed that many students approach of learning is rote memorizing which cant be used totally because some points need understanding. Besides, I am highly motivated and believe that the students achievement is also mine and therefore putting high standards on them and myself. I truly understand students difficulty in studying especially for those subjects which are deemed too complex for them. I have the ability to 'translate' difficult concepts to an 'easy-to-understand' concept. Furthermore, I am a very student-friendly person and have lots of patience in helping students to really understand their subjects. Currently I am planning to concentrate on my home tuition in Bungor Precinct, Bandar Botanik, Klang. I limit the class to a maximum of 5 students to provide personal attention as well enabling me to detect students' weaknesses. I do not believe at all in taking too many students but neglecting quality. I always provide students with a fun learning experience but yet able to deliver results. I would like to dispel the misconception that studying a subject is all about memorizing without understanding. I have taught Regent International School students Mathematics and will be able to coach students up to o-levels. Contact me at 016-2495099.


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